Cause hey, why the hell not.

Feelsy prompts

Darkness - My muse is on his/her death bed and fading fast, perhaps now is the time to right any wrongs and leave no words unsaid.

Apologize - My muse has done something to offend your muse, the guilt becomes unbearable but when the time comes to apologize, will all be forgiven?

Too Late - Your muse has passed away, but oh no! My muse had something big they wanted to tell you, it’s too late now…You’ll never know.

5 Years Time - Your muse passed away 5 years ago, my muse is still trying to get over your death, but what happens when something, anything comes along to jog your memory.

Remember when - My muse takes a moment to sit back and remember the good old times with your muse, its a shame those times could not last.

Now you see me - Now you don’t! My muse has passed away and is back as a ghost, watching over your muse as they continue with their life’s  now they must decide whether to let go, or hold on.

Goodbye - My muse writes a suicide note, directly addressed to your muse.

Happy/cute prompts

Sunshine - Our muses make the most of the blistering heat to take a day off, beach party anyone?!

Walk in the park - Our muses take a relaxing stroll through the park on a warm day, there’s no harm in stopping to smell the roses!

How much is that doggy in the window - Our muses adopt a puppy from a shelter together.

Lucky - My muse sits back and takes some time to think about how lucky he/she is to have know your muse

Once upon a time - My muse reads your muse a story

Oh to be young again - Poof! Our muses are little kids again! Watch out world, toddlers are on the loose!

I’m scared - Oh dear, sounds like lightning! My muse just so happens to have a terrible fear of lighting, the only solution is to snuggle up in bed with your muse Or vice versa (Please specify!)