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"You fool, of course I will have you back." Courfeyrac wrapped his arms around Marius.

A deep wave of relief washed over him as he melted into Courfeyracs embrace, burying his head into the familiar nook of his friends neck, clinging to him as if he were clinging on to life itself

Courfeyrac moved his hand up and down Marius’ back then pulled away to kiss his forehead. He cupped his cheek. “Mon ange..”

Marius found himself clinging to Courfeyrac’s arm, anything to prove that this was real, that Coufeyrac had forgiven him, that he was finally home. "I promise…I promise I’ll never leave again, I don’t know what I was thinking"

"I missed you..Mon ange-" He kissed Marius’ lips and gripped the man to his body.

He clung to Courfeyrc’s arms, as if terrified the elder man would slip through his fingers if he relaxed his grip.

LES MISUMENTARY: Cosette sometimes has to remind herself that Marius is a little bit sensitive.



Marius danced over to the television, slotting the DVD in it’s rightful place before turning to regard his friend “And what would m’lady like to drink from the royal chambers of your fridge?”

"Could I have a diet coke please." she asked looking up at him and smiling. "Or is this a good night for two virgin mojitos?" she went and set up the DVD and turned her TV on. "What will it be Marius? Soda or virgin mojitos?"

"Screw it all!" He said cheerfully "Lets just…I don’t know, mix and match…Both, both is good!" And with that Marius disappeared into the kitchen "We are watching the Lion King after all-" He called "And everything goes with the Lion King!"



Marius found himself clinging to Courfeyrac’s arm, anything to prove that this was real, that Coufeyrac had forgiven him, that he was finally home. "I promise…I promise I’ll never leave again, I don’t know what I was thinking"

"I missed you..Mon ange-" He kissed Marius’ lips and gripped the man to his body.

"I love you.." Marius murmured into the kiss, and he meant it. This was everything he had missed, everything that was all so very familiar and so very right.

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She had been having nightmares, all having to do with Marius. They haunted her mind day and night, the thought that there was a possibility she wouldn’t see Marius ever again. How would she ever go on if that were to happen? 

No. It would not happen. She couldn’t think like that, she had to have hope. Even if it was the tiniest bit of hope, it was still there. 

Mon amour,

I know you meant no harm. I just panicked at that thought but, I’m never letting it go through my mind again because you will come back to me. I know you will. 

You promised. 

I know we will have that life. It’s what we have always dreamed of but, I would be perfectly content if you just came back to me. If I could just see you again and be in your arms. 

Nothing can possibly make me happier.

You’ll be a great father, you know. When we have children…they will love you so much. They’ll have your freckles and messy hair, your kindness and gentleness, as well as your enthusiasm.  

I love you. Never forget that my love. When you’re out there always hang on to hope, because I know you’ll get out safe. I just know you will Mar. Just stay safe and come back to me. I think that is all I can ever ask from you. 

I placed another picture in this letter, taken today actually, out in the garden. I also send some small flowers in the envelope. I know that where you are at there probably isn’t much color or beautiful things. I just hope they get to you alive. 

Please, don’t forget that I love you with all my heart and soul.

I love you,



In all the darkness that shrouds him and his allies, in all the smoke and the dust, there remains one great beacon of light. One shining, glimmering promise of hope.

His angel, his love, his one sweet everything.

Through every fear filled night she soothed him in his dreams, a constant reminder of exactly what he was fighting for. How many had lost their lovers to this foul game? One hundred? One thousand?…He vowed to never add to that number.

My sweetheart

The flowers made it just fine, I’ll keep them in my pocket next to my heart for as long as I live, and you’re wrong…There’s always something colourful and beautiful here, and that’s my memory of you that I carry wherever I go.

There’s so many things I wish to say to you if I jusr had the time, or the paper to write them all down, a brief summary is a million different variations of ‘I love you’

Is it safe where you are? We hear such horror stories of the plights back home up on the front line, I can only pray that they’re not true.

Enclosed in this letter is a small amount of grass and a strip of toen fabric from my camoflauge, it may not seem like much, and it certainly isn’t all that beautiful. But at least this way you’ll have a little piece of where I am, and what I’m doing with you always.

I’ll love you forever,

Marius Pontmercy


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So it’s freezing cold in my house and there;s no heating, so I had this bright idea to keep myself warm…

Cup fires! 

Great right?